At Parajes del Vino, we like to attract professional wine buyers, but we also love to capture the attention of consumers when they are in front of the wine shelf in a supermarket.

The wine purchasing and selection professional knows how challenging it is to position a wine on their shelves. Moreover, the wine has to maintain itself, showing good sales dynamics.

The label must stand out among the crowd so that the customer picks it up from the shelf, examines it carefully, and, if the label manages to emotionally connect with the consumer, they will place it in their shopping cart.

A wine is competitive when it is chosen by the professional buyer and by the end consumer.
It's useless to make good wines at good prices to convince a professional buyer if the wine is then unable to compete on the shelf.

Our competitive advantage for the consumer to choose our wines lies in the value we provide to the design of the label, so it can stand out in the field where wines compete: the shelf.
Parajes del Vino markets a portfolio of Spanish wines, with private label and designed with eye-catching labels to attract and provoke a purchase emotion in consumers.

☞ In supermarket chains and wine shop chains.
☞ Through importers and distributors focused on retail.
☞ Collaborating with national and international agents with retail clients.

We love the hospitality industry, but our wine portfolio and brands are very focused on consumers when they buy in the retail sector.

For further information on our current portfolio of wines, brands and designs, please contact us.
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