Based in Zaragoza, the Capital of the grape variety Grenache, Parajes del Vino was founded by David Blanco WSET-3, to market great Parajes, unique vineyard areas that truly express the personality of their wine region.

Developed together with the wineries and winemakers, our portfolio includes a vast collection of wines from the most relevant Spanish wine regions, as well as from emergent areas and reputable winemakers.
Throughout our catalogue you can find from entry-level wines from popular regions as Cariñena, Jumilla or Utiel-Requena, to highly acclaimed wines.

Some of our wineries have reached quality international standards such as the BRC and IFS Food certificates. Together with quality standards, we are driving our producers to increase its offer on organic vineyards and to implement measures of Ecodesign, such as reducing the weight of glass bottles.  Little by little we are looking for offering to the market more sustainable wines.

Last but not least, we pay the due attention to the marketing of our wines sending them regularly for revision by acclaimed journalists such as Andreas Larsson, James Suckling and others.

Muchas Gracias!
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